A Sampling of Products I've Worked On


  • Apple - App Store Connect/iTunes Connect, App Review Tools, Mac App Store, App Store, Apple TV App Store
  • Sprout Social - Listening, Flex Feeds
  • Cars.com - Compare, Compare Tray, Early Stage Shopping Tool, Profiles, Dashboard
  • Wyzant - Online Tool, Platforms, Marketing Enablement Tools, Technical SEO
  • Benchtools - Competitive Insights Tool
  • ShareASale - Affiliate User Interface, Help Tool, Agency Login
  • AP View - Cloud Based Affiliate Marketing Reporting Tool

Note: I am unable to provide full details of my work at all companies due to various NDAs.

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Examples of My Work


At Cars.com, I worked with two different product teams. They were the Early Stage Shopping and Buyer Personalization tools teams.


At Wyzant, I worked on a number of different teams that focused on diverse issues such as: Technical SEO, Marketing Enablement, and the online whiteboard tool.

Wyzant Online Tool

Sprout Social

At Sprout Social, I led one of the largest releases in Sprout history, launching their first Listening product. I also worked on a new initiative that would allow Sprout to enter a new market, integrations.

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