How to Connect on LinkedIn like a Boss

Whether you’re trying to find a job, recruit talent, or expand your professional network, LinkedIn can do wonders for moving your career forward, business, or personal development forward. On the contrary, LinkedIn can also hold you back and damage your professional reputation if the unwritten LinkedIn etiquette is not followed


That’s right, just like respecting people’s time and privacy, LinkedIn etiquette is a real thing. And below are some of the unwritten rules that can make a real difference in your career, business, and professional development – especially if you feel like you’re currently in a bit of a rut.   


And while there’s a laundry list of dos and don’ts, below are six unwritten rules you should know.


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6 Unwritten LinkedIn Rules You Should KnowKeep it professional – unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tik Tok, LinkedIn is a different kind of social networking site in that it’s designed solely for professional networking. In other words, the things that fly on other social media platforms most likely won’t pass here. So whether you’re updating your profile photo, sharing a post, or sending a welcome message, remember to keep things professional. This does not mean you cannot share your personality. It simply means that there is a different strategy here than on other networks.

Remember to do your homework before requesting to connect with someone new – just like you would take the time to learn about someone before grabbing coffee with them, take the time to understand someone before you blindly connect. For example, take the time to figure out where this person has worked before, what their primary focus is, what are some of their non-work-related interests, etc.

Always personalize your message – the best part about doing your homework before connecting with someone is that it gives you more material to personalize your message accordingly. And that alone can be the difference maker between having your connection request accepted or ignored. So, take the time to convey who you are, what you do, and why you’d like to connect long before asking for anything in return. Last but certainly not least, make sure to get their name right.

Build meaningful relationships – it’s no longer enough to just connect with someone on LinkedIn and call it a day. You’ve gotta put in the time and energy to maintain and foster your relationships. For example, if there’s something you have in common with someone on LinkedIn, such as shared experiences, interests, or connections, find the time to send them a message directly or comment on one of their recent posts to demonstrate a genuine interest in what they do and in who they are.

Provide genuine value  – whether you’re requesting a new connection or putting a piece of content out on LinkedIn, don’t forget to ask yourself: what’s in it for them? In other words, how is what you’re saying or putting out there valuable to the person that’s receiving it?

Stay active and engaged – If you’re wondering why no one is visiting your profile, or you’re frustrated that your posts don’t seem to get any traction, it could be because you’re not staying active in the conversations around you. So, dive in, get engaged, and stay active.

Want to prevent others in your existing LinkedIn network from making some of the most common mistakes? Don’t forget to share this blog post with them. And if you have other examples of other LinkedIn dos and don’ts you’ve seen along the way, drop them in the comments below.

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B. loves product development and improving the processes of developing successful products. B. has worked with small (100,000+) companies to increase product adoption, improve the product experience and design, and evolve the product vision. From Mississippi to Chicago to Silicon Valley, B. has built their career around building great products for amazing brands while also working to enrich their community around them. B. is a trans nonbinary lesbian whose pronouns are they/them/their.


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B. Pagels-Minor

B. Pagels-Minor