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I coach businesses, teams, and people to thrive.

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Product advisor

B. has worked with small (<50) and large technology companies (>100,000) companies to increase product adoption, improve the product experience, and evolve the product vision.

They also speak to product and technology professionals about product management best practices, the latest trends, and building successful product and engineering teams.

Business consultant

B. helps companies plan and think through their product and team offerings to develop a long-term business strategy for growth.

They believe business success stems from holistic optimization of all parts of the business, including people management, employee retention, technical acumen, product-market fit, and more.

Change advocate

Starting in College, B. has actively participated in the Black, LGBTQIA+, and Womyns’ movements to help create a more equitable world for all.

They have been proud to serve on the board of several nonprofits that are doing this much-needed day-to-day work, helping to create culturally competent healthcare, Womyns’ empowerment, and other justice and equity reform.

As seen in

I am a Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, Product Professional, and an Activist.

I’m often asked to provide my perspective on a singular topic, like “managing agile product teams.” But the truth is, there are many more social, cultural, and experiential layers of who people are at work that affect their team dynamic and, ultimately, their success.

As a seasoned product professional and award-winning speaker, I concentrate on professional development topics while also driving change for justice, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Client Feedback

“Not only were they an informative and entertaining speaker who is able to convey complex information in an understandable and enjoyable way, but they are also responsive to organizer requests. They are a talented communicator and a pleasure to work with."

Gloria Bell
Co-Founder, Women in Tech Summit

“I have recommended B. as a speaker for several events and will continue to do so. It is rare that you have someone that is all around articulate and captivating and that can connect to a crowd the way they do.”

Nicole Altamirano
CEO, Silicon Valley Pride

“B. is a diamond. I run Business of Software Conference, a single-track event run over two and a half days with just 15 people speaking and a money back guarantee to attendees if they don’t get value. I, therefore, have to be extremely careful about who we choose to put on stage. We receive over 500 applications to speak each year. B was great. It was fun to spend time with them in the run-up to the event as they worked on the talk. They are insightful, delivered everything in good time, taught me a lot, and were a pleasure to work with. The talk was fantastic. You would be getting a remarkable speaker at your event.”

Mark Littlewood
CEO, Business of Software

“We were fortunate enough to have B. as a speaker at our online conference on diversity and inclusion in the tech sector. B. was a joy to work with in the run-up to the event and was extremely helpful and communicative. The attendees responded very positively and found B.’s session to be informative, engaging and offering a number of practical steps that they could take in their own organizations to move towards a more inclusive culture. Personally, I am delighted to now be connected with B. and genuinely hope to work with them on future events.”

Alexandra Shaw
Senior Conference Producer , Transition Media
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